Our Team


Our team, consisting of three architects, two draftsmen, two civil engineers, and one financial controller specialised in the building trade, is committed to the mission of ensuring efficient process flows in construction, funding, and design in the best interest of the principal.

Administrative team

Proficient in five languages, our back-office staff specialise in the financial accounting of companies and construction projects while also taking care of specific issues relating to building law and planning permissions.

Team player

Oliver Borries

Founding Architect

Born in Berlin, Oliver stayed in the city to pursue his passion for building by studying architecture. After many career stops that included Germany, Mexico, and Chile, he came to the Costa Brava and Marbella in Spain, eventually settling down on Mallorca.

In keeping with his love for construction site action – while being ill a ease in the back office – he prefers to spend his time off travelling and hiking to explore the scenic wonders of Mallorca.

Joan Ignaci Bibiloni

Founding Architect

A young, aspirational architect, born in a seaside village north of Palma de Mallorca. He read architecture at the prestigious University Rovira I Virgili in Reus, Catalonia.

He is best described as a hardworking, relentless architect truly capable of transforming a design draft into an inspiring and stunning project. His work is marked by precision, encouragement and creativity.

Far from limiting his interests to the art of architecture, he is committed to a healthy lifestyle, loves exercising, and worships his family. It is this combination of factors that makes him an outstanding person.

Lluís Bort<br><small>Architect and Photographer</small>
Lluís Bort
Architect and Photographer
José Riutort<br><small>Technical Architect</small>
José Riutort
Technical Architect
Irene Hellín<br><small>Architect</small>
Irene Hellín
Sergio Martínez<br><small>Architect</small>
Sergio Martínez
Margalida Bibiloni<br><small>Architect</small>
Margalida Bibiloni